Data validation on REST API: Don’t trust clients input

REST API’s have been becoming more and more common on Web applications/tools around the Internet, specially for those on open social context. It is also undebatable how the REST style architectures  have been growing in enterprise applications, probably as a possible and more light-weight alternative for architecture to expose services, and/or produce a consumer-based application. […]

Static Analysis: As part of reviewing what you are getting.

Last week I came across with a friend that I was long time without see him, during some talks and beers he pointed something that caught my eyes. He told me about the new strategy adopted by the company where he works. Due to a market situation, they need to outsource some projects, or even […]

Overengineering: Now, who pays the price?

Last week Felipe and I were talking about some situations that we came across, really similar situations, although we never worked before on the same company, we can see situations on software development around us that has the origin overengineering, specially the overengineering on detailed design stuff(I know that “design” is a huge topic, so […]

Technical Debt: How much have you been paying for that?

Long time ago Ward Cunningham brought the idea around the term “technical debt”[1]. After it others like Steve MaConnell[2] introduced more thoughts on this metaphor. It is quite interesting see this ongoing in a real scenario. And in additional to that to see the team getting used with the situation, defraying interest each release cycle, […]

"Friends with Benefits": By REST

All the time people are creating new Web applications and trying to push it on the market. Different ideas popup each few seconds. Some years ago most of the Web applications could live “alone”, I mean, without integration/interaction with others, but today? Can you imagine trying to create a “revolutionary”/cool Web application without a “friend […]

More things than just find an "solution"

During a daily talk through email, a friend of mine came to me with a question about an specific approach that he would like to adopt on a new application(information system type thing) that the company where he works will start soon. Basically the scenario is: They would like to build an UI in Delphi […]

Plugin Architecture: Reversed Effort

Are you considering plug-ins in your next application/tool? Plug-in architecture is not a new concept, probably as you know it comes from a long time, and there are a bundle of stable “solutions” to support that, such as “Eclipse/OSGi” and others. Indeed there are several good technical arguments that can catch the development team’s eyes […]

Where is the boundary between "Rapid" and Quick-and-Dirty on software development?

As you can see, it is a classical Dilbert comic strips, but that probably represent the truth in some spots, specially for those teams that just want to delivery the things, usually as a way to show up productivity. A potential problem here is when the “Quick-and-Dirty” approach becomes the rules and a lack of […]

Linux Support for ECF Skype Provider

Linux Support for ECF Skype Provider ECF (2.0.0 Milestone 4a – N&N ) has the addition of linux support for the Skype provider, now it is possible connect to Skype 2.0 beta under Eclipse on Linux. The Skype Provider implements the ECF Call API, the Presence API, and the Datashare API.
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